Redenom News

What Is Airdrop Cryptocurrency?

A crypto airdrop is when a blockchain project distributess free tokens or coins. Two types of airdrops could be identified: 1 – as amazement and 2 – announced in advanced. Blockchain based startups regularly prefer advanced announcements to achieve gossip going.

Free cyrpto currency and where to find them?

The idea of free crypto currency has been going around for a while now and most people do not have adequate information on how it works.

Quadratic Blockchain Voting system in Redenom project

Voting has been known to mankind since ancient times as a way of expressing the will of people, where a common opinion is determined by counting the votes of individual members of the group.

What Is Redenomination?

The redenomination process consists in burning the last decimal order of the value of NOM tokens at set intervals and redistributing the accumulated sum between users. This redenomination process will increase the values of NOM tokens and will stimulate the users to get involved in order to become wealthier.